About “Rational Discourse”

An attempt at civil discussion of today’s difficult issues.

Two trends led me to build this blog. First, the increasingly polarized discussion that prevails in American political discussion. Two predominant views of the world seem to produce only inflammatory, ad hominum attacks devoid of real intelligent discussion. Secondly, increasing pressure on our society to adapt to economic, social and cultural change seems desperately lacking. This blog, then is my attempt to rationally, calmly and thoughtfully discus the difficult issues facing us today. Economic policy, abortion, marrriage, capital punshment; all these and others comprise the topics that my be discussed here. It is initially a closed discussion with participants solely chosen from my experience as thoughtful and rational people, knowledgeable and yet able to deal with the concept that they may be wrong, that their positions may require reassessment with new information and that we all benefit from the discussion.

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